FKT: Jean Baptiste Rouvelin - John Musgrave Heritage Trail (United Kingdom) - 2021-07-24

Route variation
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Total time
5h 55m 6s

So it was my first attempt to do an FKT and we just moved next to the John Musgrave Heritage trail. Seeing the sign while running in my new area made me want to have a go at it. I looked into who had completed the trail, and realised no one did. So I thought an FKT would be a cool thing to have a go at and decided to go for it.

Started from Maidencombe at 8:08am this morning 24/07/21 and went south ish to Brixham. The trail is really up and down for the first 6 miles with more than a 1000ft gain just on that section. Become a bit more easier after that at least for a while. Running pass a few nice village, I met my wife after 8 miles and got all my supply from her in few spots (8 miles, 12miles, 16,5 miles, 22 miles and i met her at Greenway after the ferry and at that point she ran the last 5 miles with me) 

Some of the past were really overgrown and full a stinging nettles so maybe i should have gone with legging. The weather was really wet in the morning but warm and brighten up later on just before lunch time. 

There is a ferry crossing and you have to ring a bell in the really small Dittisham harbour for the ferry man come and pick you up. It will cost you £2 and they use contactless card. The last 5 miles are starting into the national trust property and climb a fair bit but after that it is really runnable and down for a good sections of it. The finish is in the middle of the town of Brixham next to a dude statue who I actually don't know who he is. Loved it and I will encourage people to have a go at it. I recce the first 20 miles three before my attempt and i am glad I did. There is a few turns who are a bit hidden and tricky.