FKT: Jeff Garmire - Pinhoti Trail (AL, GA) - 2019-05-31

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8d 1h 19m 0s

Day 1 (5/23):  43.2 miles. "Alabama is a hot topic right now. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I wanted to come out here and see the side of the state that isn’t talked about: nature."

Day 2 (5/24):  "Often the trail is overgrown or rocky or both and still full of ticks, but it doesn’t stop me from appreciating views that stretch for miles." 42 miles / 95.2 total

Day 3 (5/25):  "Snakes, ticks, turkeys and frogs were all my friends today! Miles 42.2" (127.4 miles total)

Day 4 (5/26): "The route and this side of Alabama have been pretty eye opening. My stereotypes for this part of our country’s wilderness have evaporated and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Tomorrow I will enter Georgia. Miles 40.7" (168.1 miles total)

Day 5 (5/27):  "Not long after crossing the border [into Georgia] the road walk began. It would continue all day."  41.1 miles / 209.2 total.

Day 6 (5/28):  "Day 6 Pinhoti Trail - Today actually really sucked. I made some poor choice and mistakes, the trail was awful, and it was heard to find positives. But somehow, despite the suck, I was able to maintain a happy and productive attitude."  36.5 miles / 245.7 total.

Day 7 (5/29):  "Day 7 Pinhoti Trail - I was up early and already off to a better start than yesterday. There was somewhat defined trail and some good scenery. Keown Falls was a treat along with the largely trail centric morning." 47.2 miles / 292.9 total

Day 8 (5/30):  "Day 8 Pinhoti Trail - Today was weird. It started off with a long road section that traveled by 2 Dollar Generals, countless gas stations and a cheap breakfast spot with really good sandwiches and really average coffee... I was going to wrap up the trail today, but with about 9 miles to go it started to rain. I didn’t want to hike in the rain, so I pitched my tent and will finish tomorrow." 45.0 miles / 337.9 total

Day 9 (5/31):  "Pinhoti Trail finished! I completed the last 9.5 miles of this diverse trail this morning, getting thoroughly soaked walking through water laden rhododendrons and ferns lining the trail. I had a great time on this unique 347.4 mile trail (via the “official” route) and got to visit Alabama for the first time as a result. In total, it took 8 days, 1 hour and 19 minutes. I can’t wait to do a longer writeup on this adventure, but first 72+ bonus miles as a “cool down.” "

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