FKT: Jeff Krar - Canmore Quad (AB, Canada) - 2014-09-27

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
9h 17m 30s

I ran the Canmore Quad on September 27, 2014. Total time 9:17:30.

Run Stats
Started from the Canmore Nordic Center
Elapsed time to summit of Grotto: 2 hours flat
Elapsed time to summit of Lady MacDonald: 4:05
Elapsed time to summit of EEOR: 7:10
Elapsed time to summit of Ha Ling: 8:36

Weather: Cool and mostly cloudy, high of 8-10 degrees, great ultra running weather
Support: First 6 hours and 2 summits were solo, joined by Mark Toth for final two climbs

GPS: I'm old school and don't own an expensive GPS watch! So sorry, no official file to share.

Jeff Krar

From the Nordic Center I headed down the Canmore Trail to the river, along the river pathway, over the bridge (Bridge Rd) to 8th St, right turn onto the 1A and straight out to the Alpine Club to begin the ascent of Grotto.