FKT: Jennie Labrie - Howe Sound Crest Trail (BC, Canada) - 2023-10-24

Route variation
south to north
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 18m 49s

As noted on Strava: a bit of a slippery day to attempt the trail, but an almost complete lack of views made it easier to focus on covering the terrain and not tripping up! Carried 1.5 L which was fortunately sufficient on a cooler day like this (had to stop at Magnesia to top up on all previous efforts this summer). Trail is definitely much trickier when wet - especially down around the lakes with all the muddy sections of trail and mossy roots! Also very helpful to do recon, IMO, to know where all the spots are that you can easily take a wrong turn off any number of summits along the way. It was a hard day out and left my lungs in a sorry state for a few days afterwards, but it's always a fun time getting to run HSCT. Already looking forward to revisiting it next year.