FKT: Jennifer Russo - Shawnee State Forest Loop (OH) - 2020-09-17

Route variation
one loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 45m 49s
GPS track(s)

It was a beautiful day to run at Shawnee!  I was excited to go for the FKT, but I knew the current record would be really tough for me to break. I know both of the ladies that have run the FKTs there and they are both super strong runners. But I decided to go for it anyway.  Started by the lake and ran the North loop first. Unfortunately around 4.5 miles in I missed a turn but realized it when I got to the fire tower and turned around and found the turn I missed. This added a little over 1.0 mile to the route. Then around mile 13 I missed a turn again! But this time I realized it sooner and only added probably less than .5 miles. I was bummed because I knew it would be so close and now I might not make it.  But I pushed the pace and stayed on track for the rest of the run and managed to come in under the current FKT time. Fun day on the trails.