FKT: Jenny Abegg - Five Peaks Traverse (OR) - 2020-10-03

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open course
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15h 19m 47s

**Note: perhaps this should be marked as a separate route is the same objective as the "Five Peaks Traverse" listed here but just point-to-point with a different starting point.

Now that was A LOT of choss. 

After a summer of running in Washington, I decided to do the most mountain-y thing that Bend has to offer—traversing the Three Sisters and climbing Broken Top and Bachelor. Here are the notes from my Strava write-up!

Pole Creek: 0:00 
North: 2:59 
Middle: 4:17 
South: 6:55 
BT: 9:41 
Bachelor: 14:21 
Van: 15:19 


  • I almost quit approximately 35 times. If Zoë hadn’t left me a treasure hunt on top of BT, I certainly would have been hightailing it down to the road after South. 
  • The choss is ROWDY coming up the north ridge of South. Like, the rowdiest. And not in a good way. I think hit my all time running low towards the top. Do some people go up the NW ridge? 
  • Zoë and Barry hid a literal pound cake for me on top of BT. Definite highlight of the day. And they ran me down off Bachelor too! ❤️ 
  • The one thing I wish I had done differently is a traverse of the Broken Top skyline and down the south ridge (or SW ridge? Not sure how it’s climbed from that side). Then it’d be a truer traverse! I suppose I could have cut through the trees after the scree so as not to retrace any steps too. 
  • I love running into friends up in the mountains! One of my favorite things about Bend is that this is all of our backyard. 
  • I’d be pretty psyched if I never ran a volcano again.


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