FKT: Jeremy Platson - Superior Hiking Trail (MN) - 2016-09-25

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8d 2h 35m 0s

Jeremy Platson, 42 of Hudson WI, set a new self-supported FKT for the Superior Hiking Trail from "270 overlook" to the future southern terminus at the Wisconsin border, with a total time of 8 days, 2 hours, 35 minutes. This occurred from September 17, 8:22 am to September 25, 10:57 am.

The following are my daily splits. The distances are approximate and I am not including times as I did not wear a watch and had my phone off to conserve battery.

Sat. Sept. 17: 270 overlook to lakewalk (35 miles).

Sun. Sept. 18: lakewalk to Trout Creek (32 miles).

Mon. Sept. 19: Trout Creek to Temperance River State Park (35 miles).

Tues. Sept. 20: Temperance River State Park to Sonju Lake (31 miles).

Wed. Sept. 21: Sonju Lake to Beaver River (37 miles).

Thurs. Sept. 22: Beaver River to Fors Road (35 miles).

Fri. Sept. 23: Fors Road to Lester River Shelter (48 miles).

Sat. Sept. 24: Lester River Shelter to Palkie Road (45 miles).

Sun. Sept. 25: Palkie Road to Wisconsin border (11 miles).

I had two resupplies, one at Temperance River and one at Gooseberry River and got a hotel in Two Harbors and rented a campsite in both Temperance River and Jay Cooke. In full disclosure, I received some aid/trail magic in the form of a cookie, some Gatorade, a few rides off trail and an unexpected hiking partner.

Note that Jeremy posted his SPOT link during the hike, and subsequently provided the SPOT data via GoogleDrive, but the link there appears to be broken now.