FKT: Jeret Gillingham - Hadley Peak (WA) - 2022-08-21

Route variation
up & down via Skyline Divide Trail
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 13m 42s

Oh boy, back at it. Road was washed out so I did the grueling 10 mile bike ride to the trailhead, stashed the bike and started the run. This is one of my favorite trails ever and this was my first time all the way to Hadley peak! The last mile or two of the climb are brutal! Running on choss is always scary especially when there’s folks below you. Took a funky route to the peak (almost more climbing than running) to try and avoid sending rocks down on them. The way back down was fun but also very hard (lack of fuel). I had accidentally climbed to the top of a very steep & unnecessary hill during the 2nd mile of the ascent so I made sure to avoid it on the way back down…whoops shoulda studied the trail better. Also saw a bear and my first instinct was to pause my watch haha. That explains the slight difference in moving time vs elapsed time. Overall great run and stoked to have gotten the FKT on it!