FKT: Jeret Gillingham - Mt St Helens (WA) - 2022-08-02

Route variation
Monitor Ridge ascent
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Total time
1h 14m 20s

Wasn’t planning on doing this but stumbled into a St. Helens permit last night while visiting family (thanks dad) and figured I might as well send it while I’m here! I started the first 2 miles fast because I knew I had to make up the time on the “flat” and sheltered sections due to the wind up top. Just after mile 3 as found myself on the ridge line I thought of give up. The wind was relentless and the sand kept pulling me backwards. I kept pushing hand on knees through the Boulder field and ended up on the final sandy push with the crater summit in view at around 57 minutes. A quick (and probably very wrong) mental calculation told me I still had a chance to crack the previous 1:23 set by Alex King. Exhausted, I got to the crater’s edge at 1:08 and looked left to see the final push to true summit. That gave me a new life and I scrambled over as fast as I could. I set foot at the pile of rocks marking the true summit with 1:14:20 on my watch and paused it for the first time there. A nice guy at the top took my picture, thanks! Took it easy on the way down making sure not to send rocks on the hikers below and paused a few times to soak in the view. Got back to the lot with 2:26:59 total time and continued to a little shake out around the parking lot circle. Great experience overall & kudos to anyone who attempts or has attempted this route. It’s a grueling climb!