FKT: Jericho O'Connell, Cole Hetherington - Juan de Fuca Marine Trail (BC, Canada) - 2022-09-25

Route variation
Out & back
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Total time
18h 23m 56s
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2x_JDF.gpx16.65 MB

In an effort to show that we "still got it" or at least do cool things. Cole and I decided to run the Juan de Fuca trail twice. After an attempt to train in the spring we decided to strategically forgo additional training and start the taper early. Scotty joined us for the first half out from Botanical to China. Scotty was in turn joined by his bunions Paul and the Deputy.

After dropping Scotty, Paul, and the Deputy off at China for a tidy day of running. Cole and I headed back towards the impending dark and gloom of a couple few hours of boggy slogging. Passed by Cole's wonderful parents Arn and Barb who were camped at Chin for the night. The real kicker came when we ran into a cougar on the trail going out of Sombrio in the pitch black forest. Curious cat we guessed, but he seemed to flee at the sight of our toned calves. Or at least that is what we suspect. Made for a few head swivels over the remaining 4 hours of running in the dark.

Got in around 2 am and ate some cheezies. Double dare ya to try it. Haven't really done the JDF unless you've done it twice in one day, just saying ;)

- Jericho