FKT: Jesse Buck-Brennan - Griffith Park Loop (Los Angeles, CA) - 2020-09-05

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2h 18m 24s
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First few miles were a mixed bag. The second climb was a steep overgrown trail that wasn't super kind to my calves haha. Once I reached the Hollywood sign I knew I had a chance at breaking the FKT. Fortunately, I enjoy opening up and bombing downhills with little caution. Definitely recommend starting this one early as the trails can get pretty congested on a few of the downhills. Especially going down the bird sanctuary trail. All in all this was a fun first attempt, and I think after my 100k in a couple weeks I'll be back to take some more time off the course record. Fall and cooler weather are coming so I'm excited!

Water/nutrition wise I ran with my Osprey 1.5l pack and had a Split Nutrition almond butter/blueberry jam pack while walking up the final bit towards the Hollywood sign.