FKT: Jesse Case - Manhattan Loop (NY) - 2024-01-14

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4h 31m 18s

Started under the Brooklyn Bridge, my favorite place to start this loop. I like running this route counterclockwise so I headed NE. Felt really good, snacked from my vest along the way. I carried two 17oz soft flasks with some electrolyte mix in them. Did not refill or stop anywhere for anything. The route through Harlem is always a little confusing but worked my way through there pretty well. The cool weather was perfect but it was crazy windy when I got to the west side. I would love to try this on a clear day. Felt really strong coming down to FiDi and finished back under the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m a non gender conforming trans man, I don’t feel like I belong in any of the categories that are currently provided and would ideally submit under a “Trans Man” category, however I’m totally fine submitting under non-binary for now.