FKT: Jesse Wall - AMC 3 Huts Loop (NH) - 2020-08-28

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10h 7m 33s
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I set off from 19mb TH at 614am today and decided to do this loop in the opposite direction as the current record holder, but followed the course they set. I really didn't want to end with a descent on slow boulders off madison with my cranky foot all tired at the end. I made it to madison summit in about 2 hrs, temps were low 40s and high winds. I like the cold so this was perfect. After tagging mad hut I decided to add an extra ascent up to the summit of Quincy Adams to this route. Theres no trail so I just scrambled the funnest boulders I could find. I have never been on the summit so I thought I'd tick off this NH 5k [sub peak]. On mt adams summit in 2h48m and quickly on to jefferson as the winds on Adams were ripping and made my hands cold.I hit jeff at 945am and clay summit around 1030am. Washington summit jut after 11am. So busy with tourists. snapped a quick photo hiding behind the cairn and off again. 1130m hit the Lake of the clouds hut, no matter how hard the siren played her song for coffee and a cookie bar and a veggie burrito, I avoided the support and carried on. Glen boulder trail ws so slow for me. legs were feeling it, hit rte 16 at 115pm to find the glen ellis underpass blocked off and closed for repair. A young lady tried to tell me I needed to turn around or head to pinkham. I told her thanks and hurdled the railings, crossed into the bushes and forded the river over the underpass. The grind up Wildcat ridge hurt. I ws good until about 1000 ft of uphill left in the day and was wobbly. Finally got my legs for the quick steep down shot to carter hut. No one around, tagged it just shy of 330pm and made the final push to 19mb TH.

I carried all my own gear and food and filtered water on the fly from streams, did this as a solo day as replacement for the 50k that was canceled this sept.

This is definitely low hanging fruit for superior runners, cheers to the next person to do it, its a beautiful route!