FKT: Jessica Lyza - Indiana Dunes High Traverse (IN) - 2022-10-22

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3h 23m 30s

I ran the Indiana Dunes High Traverse point-to-point, from Bailey Chellberg to Trail 10/the lake. I live in Chesterton, so these are my home trails and practice grounds, and it was so much fun to let loose and test my speed on the sand.

I ran with David Woods for all 15.5 miles. I started this attempt around 11 AM at Bailey Chellberg. It was a beautiful fall day, hotter than expected, with temps around 75-80 during most of our run. Luckily there was a breeze off the lake (thank god), which kept us cool most of the time. 

Trees were in peak color, and many leaves had fallen already, making the first section from Bailey to Cowel's Bog a bit spicier than usual - lots of hidden roots to avoid. Luckily I have most of those roots IDed from previous experiences and avoided any nasty falls :P.

Since it was such a nice Saturday, the trails were really busy! Lots of other trail runners out and about, which was great to see!

This route is so challenging mentally - the real tough sand running doesn't start until mile 9, and with the 3 dune challenge at that! Then you have 2 ridges to traverse, with lots of steep dunes to roll over. Talk about a test in mental fortitude! 

I really hope more people try out this route. It's wonderfully challenging and so beautiful, especially around "The Ridge" and trail 9 in the State Park.