FKT: Jessica Mannthey - Jake Mountain Loop (GA) - 2021-04-03

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1h 54m 29s
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Starting out in freezing temps this morning is less than ideal but also gave me a little boost to run faster. Start temp 28F. Took off like a bullet at the start feeling really strong and motivated, flying through the first mile faster than my planned pace, mile two was a bit slower but that was expected since I knew that had a lot of climbs. Arriving at Bull Mtn parking I felt confident that I could meet the time I wanted. On the damn I stopped quickly to take a picture and unfortunately dropped a glove but thankfully realized that rather quickly and didn't lose much time. Made up a bit of time on mile 4, continuing on miles 5-7 were a bit behind my planned pace but still quick until I hit the 1st water crossing, that water was very cold and came up just below my knee, it was hard to turn the pace back on immediately but once I got up the climb from the crossing I pushed hard to the next water crossing, this one was much higher, coming up to mid-thigh and the water was very swift, wasted a minute or so trying to take a picture and then fighting current to cross the creek, two miles to go and one big climb in my way to finish. I knew I needed to finish strong and did my best to recover from the cold water, I was hopeful I could pull out a faster than planned pace but it just didn't happen. I gave it everything I had and finished strong though.