FKT: Jesus Leon - Mt Baldy (CA) - 2021-04-17

Route variation
Sea to summit, open course
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
19h 21m 15s

My name is Jesus Leon and currently 29 years old.

I started running at exactly 12am on Saturday the 17th from the farthest/lowest point closest to the ocean at Santa Monica Beach.

I ran completely by myself the entire time. The day before the big FKT run, I studied the route very well and precise. I made notes of every gas station, 7/11, and restaurants that I would be running by incase I needed to use the restroom, or if I needed to buy more liquids/snacks which I did 5 times.

One friend showed up to support me and cheer me on at mile 25 and mile 40 when I had planned out to take a break every 15 miles. She also provided me with fruits, snack, and liquids during those 2 breaks before she had to leave to run errands. Another friend offered to come pick me up once I was near finishing my long run.

At mile 59 my knees were starting to ache. I decided to continue walking so that my legs had enough strength to go up Mt. Baldy and come back down with no bad problems.

On Friday morning before the big run, I drove to Camp Baldy Juice Co to drop off my backpack which had my trail running shoes and trekking poles inside. The weekend before the run, I hiked up Old Baldy Road Trail to see what I'll be up against during the run. I had NEVER went up Baldy via the Bear Canyon trail. The practice hike was definitely a good idea. Once I finished the practice hike, I spoke with the employee at smoothie shop if they would me on my run by holding on to stuff once I got there on the run. Trisha was very kind and supportive of my goal.


The last place I refilled my water bottles before heading up Old Baldy Road trail to the summit was at the Mt. Baldy Lodge at mile 65.

I summited Baldy at 7:21pm. It was very cold and windy at the top.

I got back down the mountain at 9:26 pm once I reached the beginning of Mt. Baldy trailhead where my friend was waiting for me in her car.

It was a tough challenge, and I am so proud of myself of being the first person to actually run from the beach to the top of Mt. Baldy. Strong willpower can really help us achieve such amazing feats.

My native language is English, but I am also fluent in Spanish.