FKT: Jiachim Van der Poorten - GR 5A Kustroute (Belgium) - 2021-04-03

Route variation
bypassing the ferry
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 5m 49s
GPS track(s)

Last Saturday I tried to break the record of the 5A GR coast trail. I started my adventure around 11:15 am. It was a relative cold and windy day but excellent weather for running a lot of hours. The first 17K was mostly running in dunes and sandy trails. After this it was relative flat. When I came to Ostend, I ran in a wrong direction to bypass the ferry. After 1.5 km I finally found my route back. Till then, I could sustain my pace of 04:40/km. By catching up my lost kilometres, I struggled to get my pace back after 47 km. After 5 hours and 5 min 49 sec I crossed the finish line with a total distance of 64.79 km. My average pace was round 04:42/km.


I'm really happy with this record and gave my best to break the record. I just want to say to FKT and the other runners who are trying to break the record. The distance of this route by bypassing the ferry is much longer than the GPX file on the website and the last record. If you follow the signs correctly, the correct distance is around 62 km (and not 59.50 km). Otherwise, I broke the record by more than half an hour. I ran around 2 km more because I went in the wrong direction 2 to 3 times. Overall it was a beautiful day outside the trails and enjoys it a lot. This is definitely not my last FKT I will run. Peace out and wish you all a great adventure on the trails.