FKT: Jill Wojta - Military Ridge State Trail (WI) - 2020-06-27

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 42m 16s

My supported FKT attempt was a family affair. Maiden voyage with our new camper to Tom's Campground in Dodgeville, WI on Friday night during the thunderstorm. My husband dropped me off at the trailhead in town around 5:30 and went back to the site to prepare for a day of chasing me on the trail for 40 miles to Verona/Fitchburg. My support crew met me at various towns along the route to re-supply me with water, Tailwind, and sips of Coke. I was hoping for a faster overall time but paid the price for starting too fast and struggled through a pretty hot and humid day. My older son did bike with me for a couple miles, which was the best because we got to see a big turtle on the trail and he is obsessed with turtles! I made the mistake of not taking enough fluids from my crew when I had the chance with 12 miles to go and lots of intense sun exposure. Different people have finished the route at different spots so there was some confusion on where to officially stop. I ran up the bridge and back over the highway before stopping. Thank you to those that have run this route before me and to the FKT crew for giving us a way to challenge ourselves amongst the chaos.