FKT: Joe Belluscio - Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge (NY) - 2018-08-09

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
9h 54m 0s
GPS track(s)

Bell 6:38:00
Baker TH 6:42:00
Baker Summit 7:00:00
Baker TH 7:08:00
Jackrabbit TH 7:26:00
McKenzie Summit 8:32:00
Haystack Summit 9:11:00
Jackrabbit TH 9:39:00
Scarface TH 9:52:00
Scarface Summit 10:55:00
Scarface TH 11:42:00
Ampersand TH 12:08:00
Ampersand Summit 13:08:00
Ampersand TH 13:41:00
St. Regis TH 14:18:00
St. Regis Summit 15:18:00
St. Regis TH 16:11:00
Bell 16:32:00

This was a solo trip. I carried my own water/supplies and did not use a pacer or a driver. I did drive a car between the trailheads and the bell.