FKT: Joe Cackler - Middle and South Tetons - 2022-09-09

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4h 58m 9s
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Middle and south, convenient linkup! Planned to start at dawn but wildfire smoke said no. :/ By late morning air seemed good enough to at least give it a go. Thankfully air quality was never problematic beyond somewhat subdued vistas.

Otherwise great conditions, t-shirt weather up high but not too warm, light breeze. Nobody else on middle, which was a relief, especially helmetless — that couloir is a bowling alley.

Talus march was tedious, especially on the down. Routefinding trickier than expected. Abundant water was great though and garnet canyon is real pretty. Views from and above the saddle were outrageous despite the haze.

Wasn’t TTing, and hung out on both summits for a bit, but moved businesslike, and admittedly picked it up when I noticed at the junction that sub-5 was in reach but without much room for dawdling. :)