FKT: Joe Carroll - Boudicca Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-01-03

Route variation
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Total time
6h 34m 8s
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I ran the Boudicca Way, starting in Norwich and finishing by the train station in Diss. The route was good but a tad muddy in places. I ran the route self-supported, carrying enough food and water for the full run.

For this route, I opted to use a GPX file on my watch alongside the signs placed on the route itself. The route wasn't too bad to follow, with the initial section leaving Norwich presenting little issues in terms of route finding. However, there were a few sections where following the route became a tad confusing at times. This was primarily due to signs being hard to find, or a lack of signs at some path junctions. Overall though it was relatively straightforward, with most of it following roads or paths and some agricultural fields. I would also like to add that during the winter, this route was pretty flooded at points, with a lot of mud on the non-road sections making it very challenging to run at times.

Editor's note: at times Joe's route differed slightly from the GPX we have on this site, but his overall mileage was greater. This may be due to incorrect or unclear signage. For future attempts by others, note there are various GPXs available for this route online with slight differences between them.