FKT: Joe Grant - Colorado Trail (CO) - 2019-09-18

Route variation
East to West, Collegiate West
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8d 20h 9m 0s

Colorado Trail - East to West via Collegiate West route.

I did the route supported using only analog cameras so I only have one digital photo from the start (time stamped at 6:56 am, but actual start was 7am) and the finish (taken by Bryon Powell at 3:09:30 am). For some reason the photos will not upload from my phone on the form below but I can email them to you.
I had a private spot tracker for crew, but am unable to upload the GPS data from the SPOT website (not sure if they save the data after the fact).
Book and other media coming next year!

From Instagram:

Two weeks back, at around 3 a.m., I sat at the Junction Creek trailhead having just completed the Colorado Trail in 8 days 20 hours and 9 minutes.

The time is the quickest recorded from North to South via the Collegiate West route. In practice though, time felt slow, immersive, and often arduous.
I was supported from start to finish by my dear friends Chris, Forest, and Brendan. We worked together using all analog media to portray the trail, the run, and the communities that live along the artery of the state.
This one will take time to process, literally and figuratively. The journey has already been immensely enriching and fulfilling, and I’m eager to dig deeper.