FKT: Joe Koropecki, Trevor Cichosz - Press Traverse (WA) - 2017-10-11

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9h 9m 2s

My buddy Joe Koropecki (from Cumberland, Canada) and I ran from Whisky Bend to North Fork in 9:09:02

Going South to North would be preferable. The north side is well groomed and flowy while the south side is a lot more technical, caused me to slip and fall a few times with tired legs.

Great run. Will do again, we could have gone faster if we would've stopped taking pictures, looking at the map (lots of unmarked intersections), started earlier (last hour was darkness). I carried a 15 pound pack for some reason, I packed as if we were backpacking. There's water everywhere, so theoretically a good runner could do this with 1 water bottle and some snack food.

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