FKT: Joe Stock, Andrew Wexler - Ptarmigan Traverse (WA) - 2004-09-04

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
15h 40m 0s

As reported by Lowell Skoog, here are Stock & Wexler's splits:
     3:25 am Go!
     4:30 am Cascade Pass. Talking, excited, calculating.
     5:50 am Cache Col. Perfect crisp snow for cramponing. Slow down!
     7:20 am Middle Cascade Glacier. Slow down! No max heart rate! Coffee wearing off. Clear.
     9:25 am Traverse below Le Conte. Need water. Need shorts, not gore-tex and insulated jacket. Found a pace.
     10:35 am Descent to South Cascade Glacier. Andrew's rugby ankles hurt. Spire Col looks close! Confident now.
     11:14 am White Rock Lakes. It's only up to Spire Col and down. Isn't that hard to believe?
     12:00 am Toe of Dana Glacier. More Cytomax and Pandas. Feeling strong, but feeling it for sure.
     1:07 pm Spire Col. Laughing! Light and fast is different!
     2:10 pm Cub Lake. Advil for my quads. Relaxing in the sun. Nobody here.
     5:00 pm Six-mile junction. Bee stings on my legs. Andrew rolled an ankle. But feeling so strong!
     7:05 pm Downey Creek trailhead. Tired, but legs still strong. Kind of disappointed that it is over already. Too easy. 15 hours and 40 minutes.

Drinking warm Henries, we drove silently back to Cascade Pass to sleep in Andrew's truck again. Cascade Pass felt strange when we expected to be still toughing it out on the traverse. It felt like we had cheated. How could we have pulled it off so quickly? We were ready for a challenge, but instead we got a nice day hike. We figured that's what is meant by light and fast. What is possible is redefined. Hmm, I guess we need something harder next summer. -- Joe Stock