FKT: Joel Geyer - Leicestershire Round (UK) - 2020-06-14

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 3h 40m 32s

Start time was 8:35 on Friday 12June as I left Syston, heading towards Reasby to meet the Round. 

It was self-supported, and at no time did anyone run with me.

I put 6 Checkpoints in place:

Somerby (water 2 X 500ml)

Stonton Wyville  (water 2 X 500ml)

Peatling Magna (water 2 X 500ml + complete food restock + oatmeal)

Hinckley (water 2 X 500ml)

Nailstone (water 2 X 500ml)

Woodhouse Eaves (water 2 X 500ml)

I used Midget Gems and Chocolate filled pancakes for fuel

The terrain was hardened uneven fields with a thin layer of moistened soil, making progress difficult. 

Despite predicted storms, It was mostly hot and sunny during, making the journey slow. I had to resort to stream water flowing over rocks to avoid dehydration.

Due to extra time required because of my slower pace, I bought extra sweets and drinks at Market Bosworth. Unfortunately these sweets upset my stomach.

Despite being awake for over 40 hours, an upset stomach, no headtorch (batteries ran out on 1st night so I used my mobile), hallucinations of cows, and the obvious general muscle damage and fatigue, I was able to enter back into Reasby at just after Midnight on Sunday 14th June.