FKT: Joeseph Koyle, Dillon Quitugua - Joe Koyle's South to North Double Marathon - 2020-09-27

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Total time
11h 50m 9s

Joseph Koyle And Dillon Quitugua ran from the south shore of Ewa Beach to the North Shore of Ka’a’awa. Dillon wanted to run his first 50 mile run and Joe had the goal of running across the island. 

During their run, Tristan Natividad, Ryan Victor, Zane Angeles, Magdalena Steele, Maui Lee, Emily Comstock, Brandon Perez, and Brian Weida ran through the night to help pace in their efforts. 
Joe enjoyed poi Malasadas and petting dogs during their run. It rained and it was a great time for them.

Their run started at sunset and ended at sunrise.

Water was provided by crew chief Angelina Ascunsion and other crew members.
This run was the truest inception of the company called The Tribe Collective