FKT: Joey Campanelli - Pacific Crest Trail through CA (CA) - 2015-06-24

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36d 17h 36m 0s

Bill Townsend posted:

Joey Camps is still moving, but suffering some foot problems at the moment and facing a zero while he addresses them. Joey is now on a slight time delay in his posts and I will not share anything further out of respect for his privacy and choice in this regard.

Figured I'd take a peek and see if we could lift his spirits a bit...
No expert on this, and it can be cleared up if needed when he's off trail but as fer as I can tell-

Joey Started the trail at 5:30 am on 5/19/15.
Joey hit the California/Oregon border on 6/24/15 at 23:06.
I don't see any qualifiers posted- but Joey is self-supported.

So as far as I can see, Joey "Flash" Campanelli has set a new FKT for the California section of the PCT with a time of 36d:17h:36 minutes.

Feel free to double check my math and assumptions, his hike has been documented along with the rest of his FKT attempt thus far on his facebook, youtube, and instagram sites. But as I say; looks clean to me and Joey could use some good news.

Continued best of luck to Joey!
Walk in peace and love.


Campanelli failed to complete the whole PCT:

I (Joey Camps "flash") am claiming a new CA and Midpoint fkt for the PCT. I left the southern terminus 5/19/2015 at 5:30am.
I hit the midpoint at 11:05am on 6/16 2015 for a time of 28 days 5 hours and 35 minutes.
I hit the CA/OR border at 11:06pm on 6/24/2015 for a time of 36 days 17 hours 36 minutes.
I am writing up my trip report at in its long form
I also have an excel spread of my miles, not sure where/how to post that?            - Joey                                                                         


PCT-Milage Chart Final W-calcs.xls (40 KB)