FKT: Johan Söderblom - Hälsingeleden Harsa-Bollnäs (Sweden) - 2022-07-28

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7h 9m 8s

My second try at this route, last time I didn’t manage to follow the route at all times and therefore didn’t register my attempt but this time I had studied it more carefully on beforehand. It is quite poorly maintained and not many people seems to walk it so it is often hard to see where the route goes, gpx is needed. They also seem to have made some changes on the final part so it now follows a street parallel to the one it used to follow.

Last try I had trouble finding water where the map said it should be, so I decided to have my own support which met up with me at Byvallen, Galven and Bolleberget. That way I never had to carry more than 1 litre of water/Maurten.

First 30 km are though with a lot of marshland, it is probably much better to run this route in autumn when it is dryer. The last 20 km are much easier and the route is better marked.