FKT: John Clarke - Chadron State Park Loop (NE) - 2023-05-21

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49m 23s

I camped at the main campground, site 37, and started my CCW loop from there. Quickly, the route goes off road on a somewhat undefined track that was quite boggy with standing water and mud. From there it goes uphill on defined trail to the peak you can see from the campground. I was way behind FKT pace after the first couple miles and I considered just backing off. Glad I didn't as the route changes dramatically after the summit and some rollers on top. Once you are on the dirt road it's all road back to the start, much of it downhill and paved.

It was my first time to this area of Nebraska. Beautiful rolling hills with grasslands and some evergreen forest. Oh, and Carhenge is 45 minutes away. First time there too!