FKT: John Clarke - Lincoln Loop (NE) - 2023-05-17

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 54m 32s

Long day in Lincoln! LOL! I ran this route as part of a training road trip for a multi-day journey race called The Last Annual Heart of the South, aka HOTS. I did a mix of running and walking to simulate the first 11 hours of this race. This route was a perfect training venue for HOTS. Long effort, mostly on concrete, and hotter than it is in Colorado this time of year. I think it hit 83 degrees today with bright sunshine.

Mix of terrain: cinder pathways with a canopy of trees (these appeared to be converted rails-to-trails), concrete city pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, city roads, some with very little to no shoulder (heads up there!), city sidewalks, and one short part where you have to cross a cattle pasture (luckily the cattle were not around when I passed through!). 

I carried one liter of fluids and about 1,000 calories. I stopped three times at convenience stores and once at Burger King for replenishment. I never ran out, however I would recommend you "camel up" prior to leaving each store by drinking there and then carrying more until the next stop. The western part of the route has the fewest options for food and drink. If you're running low or out, definitely stop at Casey's on the opposite corner of Northwest 48th Street and West Adams Street. There's nothing for miles before and after that store.