FKT: John Clarke - Schoolyard - Lunch Lady (WY) - 2023-08-09

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48m 12s

I've wanted to do this route for several weeks and finally made it happen. I love combining road trips with running. FKTs are a great opportunity to do that. Laramie, Wyoming is a classic western town. Cool downtown buildings, stores, and people. I enjoyed a coffee and coffee stout at Coal Creek Tap downtown. I had a nice convo with the guy working at Basecamp outdoor store downtown, and ended up buying over $100 of stuff I didn't need, but can always use down the road. I do like supporting local, small businesses.

As far as the route, it's a serpentine of single track. Lots of intersections. Always stay on single track, except for a brief double track road very close to the start/finish. Mostly, follow the pink flags although once or twice you do deviate. I ran at a tempo pace with my phone out to make sure I was following the route. Next time, I'll be able to run a bit faster now that I know the route. If you're in the Laramie area, you should definitely combine this run along with a visit to town.