FKT: John Damen - Mohican Mountain Bike Trail (OH) - 2020-10-09

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Standard Loop
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3h 0m 33s
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Overall a great day at Mohican.  Temps were great at mid 50s and the leaves haven't fully dropped yet so there was plenty of shade.  Starting about 10am wasn't ideal but I jumped at the change to go after this course again.  My goal going into this was to break 3 hours so missing it by less than 2 seconds per mile is a bit of a downer (although I ran 14 of the 22 miles faster today than 6 weeks ago).  A lot went well today but I did have a few hiccups.  First I wore my vest which I haven't worn in well over a year which holds two 17oz bottles.  I noticed mid way through mile 2 that one of the bottles was leaking so I finished that one by mile 5 and nursed the second until I realized it was gone about mile 14.  Thankfully the temps kept me from getting fried.  I also only had two gels as I left two sitting on my passenger seat.  Also, today was a cool (but not cold) Friday with plenty of sun which was perfect for mountain biking.  I was usually able to keep momentum but I passed about 30 MTBers today which was a little frustrating at times especially when I needed to stop completely to let them pass.  Thankfully with the leaves and general debris on the trail I could hear them coming before I could see them.  All in all, it was a beautiful fall day to run for 3 hours on the trails.