FKT: John Kelly - Mendip Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-04-10

Route variation
West Mendip Way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 49m 5s
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This was a great day out on a beautiful route, and someone on Strava suggested I should add it here. It's another route I couldn't find any sort of record or FKT for, other than a 4:12:30 time for the 30 mile Mendip Marauder race that covers the route. It should be noted that there are a few places that seem to have route variations. For example, just before and after Cheddar the OS 1:25K map disagrees with the OS 1:50K map on which path the route takes. I went with the 1:25K option which seemed to also agree with signpost markings. That option was a bit longer with more elevation before Cheddar and a bit shorter with less elevation after, so I think it's essentially a wash overall. Going west to east has about 150 ft of net elevation gain.