FKT: John Maxwell - Issy Alps 50k/100k/100M (WA) - 2020-08-01

Route variation
50K x2
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
18h 13m 43s
GPS track(s)

This is Beast of a route....finishing with a climb up mailbox old trail after 58miles 22,000+ ft climbing is BRUTAL! 

Goals were to complete the route and eat, eat, eat. Ended the day consuming 5-6,000 calories and get good throughout most the day.

Perfect weather today and the run went pretty close to plan. My wife surprised me with the kids and an impossible burger at the finish. Couldn’t ask for much more. 


Sorry for all the typos in my original post. Hadn’t slept at that point.  Here is a bit more about the run...

Saturday morning at 3:55am I started up the old trail on Mailbox, for my second attempt of completing The Issy Alps 100K Hard route. I ran this route last year in the reverse direction but unfortunately got off track at mile 58 coming down the Old Si trail, so wasn’t able to call it a finish. 

The day was a lot of fun and for the first 5hrs it was really nice to have the trails mostly to myself. Views were perfect on each summit looking down to the cloud cover, which helped keep most the trails fairly cool until later in the afternoon. I finished the first 50K in ~8:16, took about a 20-25min break for food at the Little Si trailhead and then started my way back. 

The second 50K was a little slower but overall I felt really strong throughout the day.  Although the final climb up mailbox was definitely a grind. I did my best to get to the top just after sunset, so only needed my headlight for the descent. But my motivation on the way down was dreaming about getting to the Burger King in Issaquah before 11pm for an Impossible Whopper!  Fortunately for me my wife is amazing and surprised me at the trailhead with the boys and a burger in hand. 

Gear: @salomon shorts, shirt, advanced skin 12L, Sense Ride 3s, 2 filter soft flasks, @lekiusa poles, @drymaxsocks socks, @corosglobal Apex, @prevailbotanicals trail salve and @garmin Inreach Mini. 

Fuel: 12 @spring_energy gels (Koffee, Speednut and Wolfpack), 1 @trailbutter large pouch, 4 @honeystinger waffles, 2 @pickybars , 8 @endurance_tap , 4 mini @cokecolasoda , 2 sandwiches, 4 vegan Peanut Butter cookies (BIG) and a few random candies. ~6,000calories total