FKT: John Pollard - Chattahoochee River Walk - Fall Line Trace (GA) - 2021-08-14

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 59m 39s

Easy path to follow and since I live in Columbus I use this path regularly for weekly runs so I never had to check a map after seeing the route. A lot of road crossings in downtown Columbus but I got lucky and didn't have to wait on any crossings. This wasn't a fast run and the FKT will be easily broken especially if someone decides to do it when it's not 1000° and 99.9% humidity. Next time I'll run it the other direction and run it in the fall or winter.

Pretty easy peasy pace the entire way but my heart rate got jacked the last 3 miles so I walked a bunch to bring it down. I guess I should have started earlier because I guess it was from the heat. I carried 2 handhelds and dropped 2 extra Gatorades in the bushes at mile 14 (park n ride) and took a gel there and hit up the bathroom (thanks spicy chicken sandwich).

Drove down to Ft. Benning and ran the .75 to the start of the trail. I was going to run home from the end of the trail to get another 3 miles but it was hot and I was over Gatorade, gels, and running so my girlfriend picked me up. Pretty views along the river walk and over all a nice route. It's like running on a scenic treadmill that every 2 miles someone decides to hit the incline for a quarter mile to make you think you ran a hill.