FKT: John Reardon - Fulton Chain Trifecta (NY) - 2021-08-28

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1h 34m 20s
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I started the day with bald mountain at 9am. I wanted to do bald first to get the drive out of the way early. If I did it again I would start earlier to avoid crowds as Bald gets VERY busy on Saturday’s. I ran the out and back (including up and down the tower!) in 21:50. Then I drove down to the Rocky/Black Bear trailhead. The drive took about 9minutes (again, this could be shorter if I started earlier). I intended to do Black Bear first, but was halfway up Rocky before I noticed. Rocky split was 14:09. Doing rocky second went well though because rocky was fast and there is a lot of runnable terrain on Black Bear. I ran out and back on the blue trail (short trail) on Black Bear. Black Bear split was 47:45. This will be the fastest route for most.

This route is awesome an I would totally recommend to anyone in the western ADK!  Each mountain is unique and the views are great for relatively short hikes!