FKT: John Reese - Wonderland Trail (WA) - 2012-09-15

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1d 4h 50m 0s

Wow that was lots of fun. Right now I'm beat and have some pains I'm sorting so I will post a write up with details and some points of verification in the next couple days. However as a quick FYI I started at White River campground at 9:07am on 9.14.12 went clockwise and came back to White River at 1:57 pm on 9.15.12.

I believe that makes my time 28:50. Unfortunately my brother got injured during the run and could not finish.

John Reese


John started out with his brother David, but David had to bail due to injury.  He reported:

For the record, my brother John and I did not exchange anything during the run unless me smelling his gas the entire time counts. He is tough as nails and could easily have broken 24 hours if it wasn't for my injury on the trail. Whether we were together or I was in a different country we still draw strength from each other. There is one thing that his FKT has that most unsupported records do not and that is a first hand witness. His time on the wonderland trail is a true FKT.


John reported further:

So heres the write up from my run on the Wonderland Trail. It can be found at this link:

Its the only post so far so it should be easy to find. Fair warning the write up reads a little rough, a bit like a stream of consciousness piece. Its also a little long. My intent was not to entertain but rather to record an accounting of the events from the run as soon as possible after the run. To that end it contains some spelling and grammar errors, and probably a couple of other errors. I will blame those on the many libations I consumed after the run, combined with the expected post long run mind haze. Comments and questions are welcome.

I will also post some pictures, and the GPS track I have on that website. My GPS apparently took a dive 19 hours in so it only recorded part of the run. Hopefully all of this with third party verification of my brother and the Groves should be sufficient.

As to my time, I think its actually pretty soft. As David said I think that I could (or someone else could) run the course unsupported under 24 hours. However it was my first time on the trail, and I really just wanted to take it in with my bro while simultaneously giving the unsupported record a shot.

That said, I dont run for ego, I run for fun. So in any case whether I got the record or not (for whatever reason), the run would definitely had not been for nothing. What a blast! ;D