FKT: John Zahorian - Colorado Trail (CO) - 2016-07-20

Route Variation
East to West
Start Date (Optional)
Finish Date
Time (duration)
9d 12h 32m

John Zahorian reports hiking the CT unsupported in a very fast 9d12h32m, July 11-20, 2016. While it took Zahorian 6 months to complete a trip report (his video, while long, is really worth watching!), we see no reason to dispute his claim of a new unsupported FKT

"Hi folks, just finished up my unsupported CT hike yesterday. Started on July 11 4:55am at Waterton and finished July 20 5:27pm for a time of 9d12h32m. Like Brandon [Bronson], will have a more detailed report soon. Was nice meeting him briefly on day 3 (his day 8). Funny how the record held for 4 years and then is broken twice in the same week."