FKT: Jon Clark - Mt Baldy (CA) - 2020-10-11

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1h 46m 19s

Such a cool and classic local route. Despite running on all of these trails countless times, this was my first time actually going hard, non-stop on this exact route, both up and down. 
Despite the trails just recently reopening due to nearby fires, the crowds were not bad and the weather was cool - starting early definitely helped (about 5 minutes before sunrise.)
 I warmed up and pushed from the start but stayed relaxed. It felt awesome to be out there in the mountains but boy do I wish I had given this a good go about 20 years ago! But oh well, this was the best that I could do and I know some elites can crush this time, but here ya go, something to pursue...
Additional info & stats:
- Ascent: my time up the steep 4 mile Ski Hut trail was 1:05:22, which I am content with (this is only 14 seconds off my best, which happens to be the current fastest time on Strava.) I went hard but not 100% on this section and believe I could do now this in the high 1:03 range. 
- Descent: tired but still feeling physically strong and mentally into it, I gave a good push on the 6 mile stretch back to the trailhead. The first 2 miles were controlled, because it is steeper and more technical but I started to open it up before I arrived at the Notch. For this segment you start at the Baldy summit - at the plaque, cruise down the Devil's Backbone, past the Notch, taking the fire road to the trailhead start at the gate (Manker.)
Time was 39:40, which happens to be a personal record and a current fastest time on Strava.