FKT: Jon Regler - St Edward's Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-04-10

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5h 9m 29s
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This is a nice relaxed and extremely well marked route - so well in fact that you'd get away without having a map or GPX on you watch / phone if you wanted. Perfect for anyone venturing into ultra, FKT and a point-to-point journey.

I like to go solo and self-supported, perfectly fine and easy enough for 50km. No drop-bags required.

I started from Wareham Priory at 06:45. I couldn't see anything to say "The St Edward's Way starts here", just a marker on a street lamp.  It was a chilly morning, 7C, dry and firm underfoot - perfect conditions for running through the forest until the open fields after 10km. The route is relatively flat, but does go over Okeford Hill before dropping down to the River Stour, and then a bit more undulating as you near Shaftesbury - which is on top of a hill.

More roads towards the Shaftesbury end put a bit of a downer on the journey, but other than that was pleased with my time, spot on target for 50km in 5hrs, with that bonus 1km taking me to 5hr and 9 mins!