FKT: Jonas Ahlsson - Billingeleden (Sweden) - 2020-07-31

Gender category
Route variation
Standard loop
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 24m 36s
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I had a beautiful and sunny summer adventure around Billingen. Luckily much of the trail is shaded by trees. I started and finished at Billingehus and ran the loop counter-clockwise. I had hoped to keep a slightly faster pace on the easy stretch after Varnhem. But as I was nearing the end my legs were much too tired. Other than that the running part went as planned.

I'd like to thank Linda and David for popularizing the 57km route, which is of a length much easier to overcome for me. And Niclas for an inspirational race report.

I aimed for unsupported and refilled water from streams, but I ended up as selfsupported as I also used a tap in Varnhem which I at the time mistook for public and marked. I'm happy with my run nevertheless!