FKT: Jonathan Alsip - Potawatomi Trail (MI) - 2019-06-22

Route variation
one loop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 12m 42s

Jonathan started his watch 30sec before actually leaving the TH.

"This was actually the hardest I've ever ran on a trail. Initially I wasn't gonna go for the CR, but after like a mile I decided I'd send it since it's a perfect day out. The last few miles crushed me and I was really grinding, but I was able to snag it by a minute. I don't think I'm gonna go for that again any time soon lmao that shit hurted"


So back in April I ran the loop as a training run for Ice Age 50, and was able to run the loop in about 2:29 including time i took to stop and send some texts. Moving time for that was just over 2:19. I was curious how close I could get to beating Matt Van Cleave's FKT he set in 2015, but didn't think much about it since it was getting close to summer and the heat would make it difficult. The morning I set the record I was actually thinking about going for it for most of the drive to the trail, but kept thinking that I was just going to run my 22 miles I planned. After about a mile of running I decided I'd go for it, and if I blew up I was gonna blow up. I told myself that if I broke the record I wouldn't run the extra 5 miles, and I ran my ass off for that. I didn't think I was in very good shape to run fast for long, so I was very surprised. For about 5 minutes after I finished I sat by the water pump and gagged/puked, because my stomach went to hell the last couple miles and prevented me from breaking 2:10. It was really intense for me, but I was very happy with it even though less than 24 hours later Josh Sanders broke it by over 3 minutes. I'm happy for him though getting it, since he's made an honest effort for it four separate times and mine was more spontaneous.