FKT: Jonathan Girvan - Baker Way extended (United Kingdom) - 2020-10-09

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1h 32m 40s
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Living at the half way point in Tarvin, I've run and walked parts of the Baker Way before, so this was something I have wanted to do for a while. It probably wasn't an ideal time to do it as it was particularly wet and muddy underfoot, but it was good getting out. My time is very beatable and I'm not precious about it, feel free to consult if you wish.

I went from Chester Railway station to Delamere Railway station, slightly uphill going out, My wife dropped me off and met me at Delamere to hit the visitor centre for a burger reward. I took one SIS gel at Chester and intended to take another but lost it on route somewhere. I didn't take fluid and was pretty thirsty by the time I met my wife.

A great little run, lots of off road through fields only really a half marathon distance so good for anyone to try. It's not always well signposted so it pays to recce, even though I was fairly aware of the route I still referred to an app called View Ranger to check I was on track. There is a farm after Ashton Hayes which gets confusing and as you enter the forest it's not clear what path is "Official" so just ascend the hill and get back on track at the railway bridge.

I'll deffo try again in dryer weather, look forward to seeing more times pop up.