FKT: Jonathan Ladson - Washington DC Beltway (DC) - 2023-07-23

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17h 53m 46s

After Putting this off for a year, i finally decided to just go ahead and do this run before more time kept passing by, and I never got it done.

This is my second longest run ever and it was a great challenge.

I originally wanted to finish in 14 hours and 30minutes/ 15 hours max, and I was at pace to do so until just before mile 40-ish. It was just one of those day where my legs didn't want to cooperate so things became a challenge early for me.

This was super fun but tough to do and a great way to see a few areas in the area that I haven't seen before.  

For the last mile, the entrance to getting on the C&O Canal isn't marked so I had a little trouble finding it at first.