FKT: Jonathan Ziesmer - Mt Wilson, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV) - 2020-04-06

Route variation
First Creek Canyon, car-to-car
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Total time
2h 14m 51s
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Awesome route: running, bouldering, and stiff climbing. Two days beforehand I had stashed a water bottle and two granola bars near the top. On the way down from the ridge to the canyon I slipped and got a bad cut on my hand, but it didn't get in the way. The run across the desert seemed a lot longer on the way out than on the way in.

TH to summit in 1:18:11, summit to TH in 56:40. Total time 2:14:51.

I used my old Brooks GTS 19 shoes, since their worn down soles grip the rock well and it doesn't matter if they get dirty or beat up. Which was a good choice, because one of them now has a massive hole in the side and I'll probably throw them out. :(
I carried a hydration vest with nothing in it except my phone on the way up, and used it to hold my water bottle and granola bars on the way down.
I was using my phone to record on Strava, but I also used the stopwatch on my wrist watch so I could easily keep track of where I was at time-wise.


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Congratulations again dude!

Such a fast effort for this terrain!

And you should ask Peter to switch this from unsupported to self-supported since you stashed water and food