FKT: Jordan Edwards - The Headless Horsemen: Horse to Horse to Horse to Horse (OR) - 2021-10-24

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6h 52m 48s
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Climbed up Horse Butte, then descended down the west side.  The route follows the road through the parking lots, not the trail along the butte.  Once on Arnold's Ice Cave it's a pretty straight shot for 5 or so miles, and as long as you have nav up it's pretty easy to stay on course to the second and third summits.  The open skies were wonderful for a fall day with rain on the schedule as I traversed to the Crazy Horse loop.  As I got closer to Horse Ridge (summit #2), the wind picked up and created a lot of resistance.  The two horse ridge summits are steep but not terribly far.  Tagged them both and headed back down the road towards the final butte.  Along the way, the road splits.  To the left it's a rough dirt road that follows a barbed wire fence.  On the right the road is a bit more tame and well used.  These roads parallel each other for long enough it's easy to choose the wrong road and go off course.  Stick to the left road along the barbed wire fence to avoid any issues.  After running into my own nav issues there, I found myself back on familiar trails around Arnold's Ice Cave.  Rain poured down for the last 8 miles but I had no trouble finding my way back to Horse Butte.