FKT: Jordan Fields - Presidential Traverse (NH) - 2019-09-06

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3h 42m 38s

I only had one issue with route-finding. I accidentally missed the Airline Trail to the summit of Adams, and continued on the Gulfside Trail, which skirts Adams. So, once I reached the saddle between Mt. Samuel Adams and Mt. Adams and realized my mistake, I had to backtrack, ascend Adams from the South as an out-and-back and then continue onto Jefferson. I estimated this added at least 5 min, but I was able to make up the time. I write about this more in my trip report. Also note that I actually tagged the summit of Jefferson, which I don't believe either of the previous two record-holders did (judging by their strava tracks), this only adds about a min but I think not tagging each summit is antithetical to the spirit of this route. I also stayed on the AT up Washington, rather than take the more direct line up the Cog Railway, as Lee Berube did. I think that the AT should be the official route as the path along the Cog Railway is not a real trail.