FKT: Jordan Rundell - Duck River Trail (AL) - 2020-07-26

Route variation
Standard loop
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 49m 8s
GPS track(s)
A7Q53956.FIT97.04 KB

This was an unsupported attempt. Stopped at the west side parking lot for a bathroom break (on course).  Took about 150 spiders to the face.  A prize for being the first one on the trail in a certain day. Only fell twice this trail run.  A new record!  Overall, the trail is pretty upkept, and is generally runable.  Only 1 creek crossing that I had to manuvuer.  Wish I could look at the lake more.  It was a beautiful place to run.  Definitely started to fall apart near the end of the run.  Fun times!

Hopefully the page for the Duck River trail can be updated.  It gives next to no information about this route to help future attempts.  My additions:

You can see in my pictures, the location of the run start.  In the picture of the bathroom, the trail starts just to the right of that.  The trail is well marked, and this is the only time I have ever been on this trail, and I managed to get around.  Just always follow the trail signs.  Now, when you come to the southern end, it will have a sign to go the "lower route", or "upper route".  The original runner who made the route took the lower route.  So this is what I did as well.  But looking at the map, the upper route looks MUCH shorter, and skips a lot of vertical.  SO this should be noted, as future attempts will know which way was the original, and correct way to take for this FKT.  Obviously this FKT goes counter-clockwise from the starting location.  There is a bathroom at the start, and at about 9,5 miles into the run, at the west side parking lot.