FKT: Joseph Nuara - Circum Saugatuck (CT) - 2019-10-06

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
2h 25m 42s

Awesome route with rolling hills, some fast tempo sections and minimal road crossing except the initial part. Circumnavigate the Saugatuck reservoir and connects the Saugatuck trail to the Trout brook Valley preserve.
Perfect cool morning run. Leaves are starting to cover the trail which made for a few second guesses but the Saugatuck trail is very well marked. Wasnt sure about the connection over to Trout brook on the old forest road. Anyone who does this route it's about 1.5mi on the old road till you hit the cable. Continue past the cable for .25mi and you'll see the orange marker from Trout Brook. Then youre home free!