FKT: Joseph Roldan - Pinnacles National Park Loop (CA) - 2023-06-26

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1h 43m 46s

Holy moley! 

Went out hard and just kept pushing. Started doubting myself on the first climb because my calves were feeling rather tight and wasn’t sure if they were going to hang on. Not sure what has been going on because the body hasn’t felt great climbing lately, but tried my best to just breath and crank. 

Downhills and flats were feeling good so I tried to push even harder there. I knew if I could get to the final hill at 1:20 I’d have a chance. I think I got there and the watch said 1:13. 

Last climb was really crushing me. I had to stop and walk a couple times. Got to the top and was so so happy when I did. It was at this point last time that I knew I didn’t have enough time. This go I knew it was in the bag if I didn’t blow up or injure myself. Took one good fall in front of a couple who laughed as I got up faster than I fell and then flew by them. 

Got back to the bear gulch parking lot and collapsed onto a bench. SPENT

Must have been riding that inspiration from all the Western States runners this weekend.